Kalibre has pioneered the practice of delivering customized and actionable solutions to the most precise growth based concerns of its elite clients, across diverse organizational functions such as Investment Planning and Management, Marketing, Public Relations and Communication, Media Planning, Long Term Branding and Positioning, International Business, Distribution and Sales, Competition Mapping, Quality and Service Enhancement, Customer Experience Management, Human Resource Planning and Management, Product Innovation, Operational Efficiency, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc.

The company has demonstrated profound expertise across a fairly broad range of functional domains and has attained significant breakthroughs despite a great deal of organizational resistance and the variable nature of operational dynamics. The success has been a result of the simplistic, inclusive and above all, flexible growth models manifested by Kalibre, resting firmly on the three pillars of ‘Viability’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Scalability’.

Precise Areas of Expertise

  • Business Development and Sales Enhancement
  • Vertical and Horizontal Diversification
  • Product and Market Expansion
  • Market Research and Feasibility Study
  • Competition Mapping
  • International Business Development and Enhancement
  • Vendor Sourcing and Engagement
  • Development, Engagement and Enhancement of Distributor/Dealer/Retailer/Agent Network (Pan India and Overseas)
  • Establishment of Cost and Price Leadership
  • Long-Term Branding and Positioning
  • Innovation in Research and Development (with direct relevance to Market Penetration)
  • Consumer Engagement and Research
  • Customer/Client Relationship Management
  • Establishment of Organizational Hierarchy, Delegation Based Structure, Reporting Mechanisms and Accountability Domains
  • Formulation of Systems Driven Human Resource Policies, Processes and Protocols
  • Establishment of Recruitment, Training and Retention Mechanisms, Formulation of Self-Evolving Appraisal Systems and Model Work Patterns
  • Investment Planning and Management
  • Investors Outreach and Communication, Investor Relationship Management
  • Planning and Execution of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Model Development and Business Plan Formulation
  • Turnaround Strategies and Action Plans

Lately, the company has developed renowned expertise in the field of political consulting with a broad spectrum of specialized services being rendered to state and national level political establishments

Precise Areas of Expertise

  • Image Building and Enhancement
  • Campaign Planning and Management
  • Content Development and Research
  • Competition and Alliance Mapping
  • Public Relations, Media Planning and Communication
  • Voter Engagement and Participation
  • Expansion and Diversification of Voter Base
  • Manifesto Planning and Compilation
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal Techniques, Mobilization of Slum Communities (Base of Pyramid Protocol), Participatory Budgeting Exercises
  • Long-Term Branding and Positioning