Kalibre Business Consulting LLP is India’s premier change catalyst and a specialist in the planning and execution of expansion as well as diversification strategies for emerging enterprises.

Since inception in mid 2009, the company has proactively partnered and engaged with brands from various industry verticals, including Education, Healthcare, Financial Advisory and Investment Banking, Information Technology, FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Real Estate, Logistics, Chemicals, Plastic and Rubber, Diamonds, Food and Beverages, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Market Research as well as Recruitment. Presently, Kalibre boasts of rendering robust growth based solutions to 27 satisfied corporate clients, comprising of Blue Chip Companies, MSMEs and Start-Ups, representing nearly 16 industrial segments.

Over the past half decade, Kalibre has developed an in-depth understanding of the specific sustainability and scalability based issues encountered by most emerging ventures in India and has ably established roadmaps and action plans with regard to the same, which are both practical and long-term. The company has successfully demonstrated it’s methodical and action oriented approach towards attaining the desired results for its clients, whereby Kalibre not only determines suitable strategies, but also assumes complete responsibility for their effective implementation. Also, Kalibre stands as a ‘one of its kind’ venture in India, renowned for its distinct low cost model, exclusively designed to suit the needs of MSMEs and Start-Ups that are conscious about their expenditure on consulting engagements.